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Main Product: Hardware plastic mold

    Dongguan City, the first precision metal molds Limited
    The company was founded in 2008, capital strength, the spirit of a people-oriented center, after a year's time and efforts of the test. Century is moving towards 2010, in this economic transformation of the financial crisis, the company and on the wind, for the company scale new heights and the overall changes made to change a series of old ideas, old ideas, old processing mode, processing area and the old management. Companies are supporting mold, plastic, metal and other manufacturing and a full set of series production. The recruitment of experienced designers and engineers for many years, technical guidance, the replacement of the current series of the old equipment, the introduction of new, high-productivity, high-precision equipment, including: high-speed five-axis CNC machining center, CNC precision automatic lathe Japan Mirror Sodick EDM machines, Centerless Grinder, high-precision surface grinding machine, laser engraving, welding equipment, high-speed punch press, such as processing equipment and testing instruments. Strive to open a new chapter, new customers. Represents a new stage for the next level. The requirements of customers, customer satisfaction, in order to expand the company's strength and power gains of a win-win situation. Hard with us to overcome, as motivated to attack us. 
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